Templates: Scrapbooking Super Heroes Part 1

So why do we love to use templates? Because they are easy! Someone else has already thought through the compostition for you, so you already know that your layout will look great when it is done. So the most basic way to use a template is… as it is! Here are some examples of using templates as is. Remember, we are all using the same templates, Fuss Free: Pennants, by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs,

I created the layout below with my kit Retro Sweets. See you don’t even have to use the cupcakes if you don’t want too. That is a way to extend your kits too! Even if they are themed, often you can get a lot of generic stuff out of them to, making pretty much every kit versatile for whatever use you might need it. This is my daughter playing piano in public for the first time. She did so great! I loved using a template to just get me going again after having been in a bit of a scrapping slump.


Studio Artist Bea created this fun, bright layout, using Friends for Life, so she could remember the conversation going on between these two precious boys and their quest to save the candy from its pinata captor! Something else she did that I need to do better… she dated her layout. I like when there is a date so I can recall how old the kids are or if I wanted to do a chronological album I know where to put it.

46981_512183865505122_1091056455_n Studio Artist Olivia made this one that I love using the mini kit, Go For It. I love how she talks about her brothers experience making a science fair project, but got all talked out about his subject. Rather then just saying this is what he made, blah, blah, blah…she turned it into a semi humorous story while still noting the facts of the story.


So, yep it is obvious, but just use the templates as they come. Next week, we will show you a way to tweak your templates and get even more usage out of the packs sitting on your EHD! I can’t wait to share next weeks with you! Also, if you like the templates we are using, make sure and check out Fiddle-Dee-Dee designs store as they are all using her Fuss Free: Pennants templates!

Summer Dreams Collab with Mommyish

I have loved getting to know people in the digi community and am so honored to count Leah, of Mommyish Designs, as one of my friends. Last year we put together this collab, Summer Dreams, but with all the moving that took place between the both of us, it was only out for a little bit. So I am re-releasing it, as well as two matching alphas for you this week. Here is a look at the kit and some great layouts by my studio artists as well as some of the Scrapflower CT.

SummerDreamsNewsletter I loved working with her on this kit and I loved creating with it myself personally (the science one at the top is mine). Also check out the two matching alpha, pink and blue,  you can pick up as well!


{Blog Series Intro} Templates: Scrapbooking Super Heroes

I am not sure if it is just me, but I feel like somehow there are less hours in my day then there were even just a few months ago. I mean, where are they going. Whoooosh! It’s suppertime! I mean didn’t I just wake up? I put so many things into my day, homeschooling, designing, my book business, the house cleaning, meal making. The other day I was talking to my husband and I realized that one thing that I had neglected to do for awhile was to capture and record my own families memories. I was going to try and do Project Life, but somehow getting pictures printed was just to hard for me to do LOL. We looked at my schedule and I penciled in 4 hours a week to record my own families memories. How sad that I am creating kits for you all to record your memories and yet my photos are just stockpiling in my iphoto and lightroom albums.

Since I want to stay on top of this and really record my thoughts and our memories, but also recognizing my lack of time, I am turning often to one of my favorite scrapbook supplies to help me out. Templates! Sometimes we just don’t have time. Maybe our minds are just in a funky mood and we can’t get anything to pull together. Templates are perfect cause they take a great idea/sketch and make it so you can drag and clip what you like to it and have a layout in, often, a much quicker time.

For the next four Mondays, I will be sharing with you, different ways to use your templates. They are so awesome because they are so versatile and you can do so much with them. I am thrilled to be a freelance CT member for Fiddle-Dee-Dee designs. I was chatting with Cheryl about my idea and she was so amazing and gave me a coupon to share with my CT so that we could make layouts for you all.

I choose her Fuss Free: Pennant collection for us all to work with. So tune in this Monday for our first installment in the series, “Templates: Scrapbooking Super Heroes”

{Coming Soon} Totally You


Key to My Heart – New Release

It’s Misty here to bring you the New Release for this week. Apologies for being a few hours late on this one. We’ve been planning a birthday party for my Valentine boy.

Alyssa, though has been busy creating the best Valentine kits! Her newest release Key to My Heart hit Two Peas today It’s a fun palette muted just enough to make it soft and romantic. She’s added rusted and shabby pieces to make it timeless.



Also new in her store is a sweet vintage alpha – Love Letters – It compliments this kit perfectly!


February Pea Soup Release

Have you had a chance to see what Alyssa did for Two Peas – Pea Soup! Gorgeous colors in a fun chevron pattern. Sold. BUT  then she outdid herself by creating some cute striped patterned papers, flowers and a mixture of ribbons to coordinate!






Stop by and grab your helping of February’s Pea Soup!



Everyone has that someone in their life that they can call on for a laugh, a cry, a scream and a vent. It’s your BFF, your bestie, your sidekick — it’s your friend for life!

Aly has created a crazy fun kit for you to celebrate those special people in our lives. It’s full of bright colors and bold elements. Stop by Two Peas to grab





Here is a little inspiration from the lovely CT girls!

ct layout


It’s Misty and it’s Tuesday! That means it’s time for this week’s release.

Looking for something sparkly, shining and Christmasy? Aly created this glitz and glam Christmas kit inspired by her girls’ Christmas dresses.  FESTIVITIES is available today at Two Peas!




And who doesn’t love just a little bit of inspiration? Take a look at what our CT is doing with this great kit!






Marie France


{Coming Soon} Festivities!



We are spending some quality time for the next two days in one of our favorite cities in Texas…San Antonio! Last year was our first Christmas in Texas and we are so used to freezing tempartures out east that it felt a little weird to be at Sea World on December 20th with short sleeves on. Squeezing in lots of fun stuff while we are down here and hoping to even see one of my design idols, Wendy of WMSquared over at Scrap Orchard.

Anyways…enough about us. This week I am releasing a sparkly, glitzy Christmas kit that was inspired by…you guessed it! My kids Christmas dresses! Here is a sneak peak for you and if you would like to try and win it, leave me a comment telling me, do you dress up for your Christmas pictures or just go informal?




{25 Days of Inspiration} Party Hat Christmas Trees


After Thanksgiving I decided that a family craft project was what we needed for some holiday cheer at my house. The idea for this project came from a post I had pinned at Apartment Therapy. Their project was Christmas trees made from water cooler cups. However, being the paper junky that I am, I felt the need for a little modification.

To make my lovely little trees you will need only a printer, paper, scissors, glue and whatever embellishments tickle your fancy. You can print out your favorite Truman Studio holiday themed paper or use a piece of scrapbook/crafting paper you have on hand. I used a selection from Frosted December Papers available at Two Peas in a Bucket.


Follow this link to a party hat template I used to shape my tree. You can print it on the backside of your patterned paper if it isn’t too thick. For heavier paper or card stock just print the template, cut it out and trace it onto your patterned paper. Once you have the paper cut and glued into your cone shape you can decorate however you like.


I loved the pattern on this paper so much that I thought it really only needed a little something extra. I used a braided trim from my crafting stash to give it a lovely garland. My husband got artistic and doubled up the template for a layered, two-tone look. I helped my daughter make a bright and festive tree with mini buttons and a sequin garland. Little ones will need assistance trimming their tree but older children shouldn’t need much help aside from getting the tree glued into shape.


I hope you and your family enjoy this project as much as we did. Happy crafting!