{25 Days of Inspiration} Party Hat Christmas Trees


After Thanksgiving I decided that a family craft project was what we needed for some holiday cheer at my house. The idea for this project came from a post I had pinned at Apartment Therapy. Their project was Christmas trees made from water cooler cups. However, being the paper junky that I am, I felt the need for a little modification.

To make my lovely little trees you will need only a printer, paper, scissors, glue and whatever embellishments tickle your fancy. You can print out your favorite Truman Studio holiday themed paper or use a piece of scrapbook/crafting paper you have on hand. I used a selection from Frosted December Papers available at Two Peas in a Bucket.


Follow this link to a party hat template¬†I used to shape my tree. You can print it on the backside of your patterned paper if it isn’t too thick. For heavier paper or card stock just print the template, cut it out and trace it onto your patterned paper. Once you have the paper cut and glued into your cone shape you can decorate however you like.


I loved the pattern on this paper so much that I thought it really only needed a little something extra. I used a braided trim from my crafting stash to give it a lovely garland. My husband got artistic and doubled up the template for a layered, two-tone look. I helped my daughter make a bright and festive tree with mini buttons and a sequin garland. Little ones will need assistance trimming their tree but older children shouldn’t need much help aside from getting the tree glued into shape.


I hope you and your family enjoy this project as much as we did. Happy crafting!


  1. love this project! thanks so much! won’t be able to do this year, but next year will be here quick enough.

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